So now January is out the way and along comes freezing February but hopefully not for long! Spring will be here soon so its a great time to get planning for those household items that need some tender love and care. There is always lots of internal works that we would like to improve or change but there is also external works that we can easily forget about, as its out of sight so usually out of our minds.

It will soon be time for external works, painting, fencing, building. Think about your outdoor living and how we can help to improve this for you.Local Carpenter - Fence replacementsCarpentry works PurleyCarpentry works - BromleyCarpentry works Purley- new decking

With that said guttering and down pipes are always a great place to start as if they are not cleared and cleaned they can have a massive impact and cause problems, not only externally but also internally. We attend to many cases of damp in properties and the first thing you would think is ‘where is the leak coming from’??
This is not always the case, a lot of cases we see the damp is caused from debris built up in the gutters, which stops the free flow in the gutters and they end up with a blockage. In time the build up of water can start to penetrate through the walls and cause all sorts of unnecessary issues but just a simple job to clean and clear the gutters can avoid these problems. 

If you are thinking ‘I have a damp patch which is on the same wall as my guttering’ then give us a call to arrange a free quote

Whatever your thoughts just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist with whatever your household maintenance needs